James E. Davis School

In cooperation with social workers, family teachers and administrative staff, is determined to offer each student the opportunity for a quality education.  As a school for students who have a variety of specific and individual educational meeds our mission is three-pronged:

    1. to provide our students a quality ecuation that meets their environmental, educational, and emotional needs and prepares them to transition back into a publick school setting.
    2. to positively influence our students who are academically underdeveloped and significantly increase their skill level in each subject area.
    3. to create a safe, structured, and supportive learning environment in which our students who have behavioral challenges can learn social skills and self-advocacy.



We believe in the student’s right to a quality education and guarantee the student an environment in which learning is not only encouraged, but stimulating. We recognize special needs in our students and strive to meet these needs. We encourage creative thought, discussion, and reasoning.

We believe that every student has the right to feel physically and emotionally safe and do everything in our power to make the school a safe place. We recognize that students are individuals who learn through mutual interaction and guidance.

We believe a balance between structure and flexibility must be attained for positive learning to occur. We reward improvement and praise excellence. We discourage negative behaviors and consequence them therapeutically and appropriately.

We believe that students should be treated with honesty and respect. A student’s emotional needs must be met before “positive” learning can be accomplished.

We believe in a communication network between the education staff and other caregivers. This network enables the educational staff to monitor the intellectual and emotional growth of each student.

We are a transitional school. The student’s placement should ideally be a progression from limited independence to full accountability for his / her own emotional and educational welfare.

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Nondiscrimination Statement:  “USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”